Presentations of Drafts

1) Don’t make any changes to your draft sites until we give you the go-ahead.

2) Next week — Presentations (10 minute formal presentation, with 5-10 minutes for Q&A and comments for each group ).

April 8, Wednesday: UNC Asheville, U.Va. Wise, and Midwestern

April 10, Friday: Alberta Augustana, Minnesota Morris, and New College Fla.

3) Drs. Pearson and McClurken will provide written comments to each group.

4) Revisions to the site will need to be made by April 22.

5) Each team will get an assigned site for a final proofreading session.

6) Each  team will make final changes to their site based on those final proofreading and comments from Drs. Pearson and McClurken

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