Welcome One, Welcome All: An Introduction to My Blog

Hello there, I’m Britta, a fourth year History and English major at the University of Minnesota-Morris.

Over the course of Spring Semester 2015, I will be participating in Century America, a unique and exciting course sponsored by COPLAC that extends across both the U.S. and Canada. My professors reside in different states…in fact, we aren’t even in the same time zone. My classmates? Other than my research partner at UMM, they all attend different schools. The class meets over video conference. We haven’t met in real life, but we are very much together in this virtual learning experience.

Throughout this semester, I will be researching my campuses history during World War I. The University of Minnesota-Morris wasn’t founded as an official institution of higher learning until 1960. The campus it resides on though, has a rich history. It was first inhabited by the Sisters of Mercy order of the Catholic Church, who established an Indian boarding school on these grounds 125 years ago. In the early 1900’s, the school closed and in its place, an agricultural high school administered by the University of Minnesota was established.

The West Central School of Agriculture (WCSA) circa 1914-1919 is my setting.

World War I was an international affair and is all to easy too focus on those national and international aspects. World War I was, however, also a local affair; these local stories have an important place in history alongside the international scope of the war.

The WCSA’s story is one of many local stories and, with my research partner, Colm, I will aim to do it justice.

Welcome to my blog–a place where I will document the progression of my research throughout this storytelling journey. Though I do have experience with archival research, I have never done a digital history project before. I am excited and anxious for where this project will take me–what I will learn and how I will grow as a historian. I will certainly learn a lot…the question now, is what?



Hist 1914 student. Researching World War I in the archives. Trying to successfully bring that to the digital sphere. Join me as I explore the world of digital history; welcome to my blog!

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