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So for research this week, I looked up questionnaires on the Library of Virginia website. I was able to find some on soldiers from the county of Wise. One questionnaire shows that a man switched from being a merchant to being a grocery store clerk when he came back from the war. He also did not want to describe his experiences from the war. I feel that the questionnaire was very telling as it showed him raising up in station and that the war affected him physiologically.

I also have gotten in contact with the Library of Virginia about sending me microfilm in relation to the Dickenson County newspapers.

I hope to have more research next week, but right things have been shut down due to snow and other matters.

Until next time.


Present Findings—

Multiple Newspaper Articles. (From UVA-Wise Library microfilm).

Photos of soldiers (From Dickenson County Historical Society)

Photos from Looking Back at Wise County The Early Years

Information from The Heritage of Wise Volume One and Volume Two

Photo of the memorial featured from Dickenson Memorial High School

Booklet about Wise County during World War One

Booklet about Dickenson County during World War One

Pictures of a Bond from 1911

Questionnaires of soldiers from the Library of Virginia

Future Research—

More research on Mount Empire and the Wise Historical Society artifacts

UVA-Wise special collections

Napoleon Hill Foundation (Sent email; still waiting for a conformation)

Big Stone Gap Public Library

Russell County

Lee County

Washington County

South-west Virginia Museum

Old Dickenson County Newspapers (Microfilm from Library of Virginia)

Microfilm of the muster roll of Wise County from the Library of Virginia


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Hello, my name is Victoria Carter. I am currently a Junior attending the University of Virginia's College at Wise as I work to obtain a Bachelor's Degree in History with minors in Business and Military Science. The intent of this blog is to profile the work I will be doing as I research and collect artifacts about what my great community did during the Great War and its direct aftermath.

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    1. The questionnaires were created by the War History Commission in an effort to archive information on WWI veterans in Virginia.

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