Hello World.

I am updating today to let you know of a little project I was assigned.

My Century America Professors asked me to play around with and create a digital story using either Google map from the Google Map App or a time-line template off of Google drive.

I had created a time-line based off of events in my life. Since I already had the pictures in the public domain anyway on Facebook; I didn’t feel weird about sharing them again. Besides, looking back is always a wonderful thing to do when you’re a college kid and a historian in the making.

However, I had loads of trouble trying to get the pictures to be the right pixel size for the template and I couldn’t get them into the media thumbnail column at all.

Eventually, realizing that I am not a technologically advanced person, I put that aside to be messed with later on.

(I will be asking my IT department to help me out when it comes time to make a time-line for the website so I don’t end up in a world of hurt).

Instead of the time-line, I published a map. It’s of places that I’ve lived so far during my life. There aren’t any pictures, as I didn’t want to use any from the public domain without permission and I didn’t have any pictures on hand, but there is a line connecting the places in order of how I visited them.

I don’t think I’ll be using a map on my website, but the practising was loads of fun and who knows? I may need to know how to use Google Maps for some other kind of project.

Here is the link to my sad pitiful map.

Let me know if there is any changes or corrections that should be made.



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Hello, my name is Victoria Carter. I am currently a Junior attending the University of Virginia's College at Wise as I work to obtain a Bachelor's Degree in History with minors in Business and Military Science. The intent of this blog is to profile the work I will be doing as I research and collect artifacts about what my great community did during the Great War and its direct aftermath.

4 thoughts on “Map”

    1. I know. I ended up having to do a map instead so I removed the link. I just edited my post and republished if you want to take a look though. Thank you so much for the warning.

  1. Your map isn’t pitiful at all! I appreciated the fact that clicking on each location brought up information about when you lived there. Nice job.

    1. Thank you. I didn’t get to spend as long on the map as I would have liked, since I struggled on my aborted timeline for so long. But the practice was fun when I got around to it.

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