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Research 3

Hello World

I got to explore a entirely new archives and visit a new college in my area!

I arranged with my advisor ages ago to go to Mount Empire Community College and Friday I was finally able to drive over there. I was happy to find that it only took me about twenty minutes. So I can go there more often and not have to worry about ranging gas costs.

Once I arrived there and found my way to the library. (I was hopeless lost for a good bit until I found the Human Resource Department, who nicely pointed me in the right direction). I entered to find that Mount Empire’s library was structured a lot different then UVA-Wise. For one, they have mental detectors. For another, the lighting is kinda of mysterious and old-age.

I waltzed my way over to the front desk and was able to find a student aide who got the main librarian. When he (the main librarian) heard what I was there about—the Wise Historical Society artifacts; he lead me to two very very big filing cabinets and a microfilm room.

He sounded apologetic when he told me I’d have to look through most of the files piece by piece. As he had no idea what all they had acquired. I however assured him, that I wasn’t bothered. I would just have to make sure to come back several times to see what all I could find. He was able to tell me that before I put anything up on Dakota and I’s future site, we would need to get permission from the Wise County Historical Society as they still retained the copyright to all the files. So that was helpful and reassuring.

Yesterday I only got through two drawers. But I was able to find some bonds  awarded to a company in Wise in 1911 and a directory of Historical Societies in Wise County. I wrote the societies down and took pictures of the bonds.

I was happy with those finds. Even if I’m not sure how to work the bonds into the website. At least it showed me that the Wise Historical Society does have some things from the time Dakota and I are looking into.

Thought next time he is coming too, so we can cover ground faster.

Until next time.


Present Findings—

Multiple Newspaper Articles. (From UVA-Wise Library microfilm).

Photos of soldiers (From Dickenson County Historical Society)

Photos from Looking Back at Wise County The Early Years

Information from The Heritage of Wise Volume One and Volume Two

Photo of the memorial featured from Dickenson Memorial High School

Booklet about Wise County during World War One

Booklet about Dickenson County during World War One

Pictures of a Bond from 1911

Future Research—

More research on Mount Empire and the Wise Historical Society artifacts

UVA-Wise special collections

Napoleon Hill Foundation (Sent email; still waiting for a conformation)

Big Stone Gap Public Library

Russell County

Lee County

Washington County

South-west Virginia Museum

Old Dickenson County Newspapers (Microfilm from Library of Virginia)

Microfilm of the muster roll of Wise County from the Library of Virginia

Questionnaires of soldiers from the Library of Virginia