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Food for thought questions for Kennedy, Over Here, chapters 1-4

Think about the following questions as you read Kennedy’s first 4 chapters:

  • What were Wilson’s goals?  Why did he get involved?  What were his goals regarding government and mobilization?
  • What was the US’s role in the Great War?  What does Kennedy see as the nation’s contributions?  Weaknesses?
  • How would small towns have been affected?  Schools?  What are the impacts on rights and freedoms during the war?
  • What were the issues related to mobilization and conscription?  How did race, class, gender, immigration status, etc. play into those issues?
  • What is Progressivism and what role does it seem to have played in lead up to and mobilization for American involvement in the Great War?
  • What does Kennedy seem to think of Wilson?  Of Pershing and the AEF?
  • What was the impact of the war on US soldiers who served?

Presentation Week Instructions

Here it comes! The first (well, for some of you) big presentation.

Here is the schedule:

Tuesday, April 29:

Colin Nimer, Southern Utah University
Ryan Sucy, University of Maine Farmington
Dara Fillmore, University of Wisconsin-Superior

Thursday, May 1:
Christopher Hightower, Montevallo University
James Horn, Shepherd University
Christos Stravoravdis, Eastern Connecticut State University
Alisia True, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
Jennifer Marks, Truman State University
UMW Team, University of Mary Washington
and the Century America home website

You will have 9-10 minutes to do the following:

1)      Introduce yourself and your school
2)      Introduce your site (an overview of key sections, with attention to 1-2 parts/sections/features that you are particularly proud of)
3)      Brief discussion of 1-3 particular challenges or great discoveries related to the research for your campus/town.  [Let’s leave the technology discussions for the COPLAC/CUR presentations.]
4)      Overarching summary narrative of your school and your town’s experiences during the 1914-1919 era.

Remember that Dr. McClurken or Dr. Pearson will need to share the content and navigate your site for you. Therefore, please send us the order in which you would like to navigate your site 24 hours in advance of your presentation. 

We will be testing the audio/video for the Voices sections, during today’s class. If the test works, then you will be able to share audio clips in your presentation if you wish.

We will go over these instructions in class today, and of course if you have questions please bring them up.


Logo Drafts — Feedback Please!

Folks, Chelsea has been busy with drafting software, and she has come up with a few logo drafts that we would like you to look at. Tell us what you think . . . she is also working on a small, rectangular draft with the helmet and upright books that might be used as an icon. Stay tuned . . . But in the meantime, what do you think about these? Which do you like best, and what could be made better?  Here they are: logo drafts

In the last class session we also brainstormed some catchy tag lines to incorporate into the logo. Dr. McClurken suggested “One hundred years in the making.” That didn’t garner a lot of enthusiasm. After the class, Dr. Spellman came up with “Campus, Community, and the Great War.” Please throw down any other ideas you may have here, so that we can discuss them in Thursday’s class session.

“Slugs” to be used

Here are the slugs I’ll be using for your project site, unless you tell me (Prof. McClurken) you want something different.  [So Alisia’s would be ]

Christos Stravoravdis easternct
Leah Hale fortlewis
Andrea Byrnes gcsu
Alisia True mcla
Christopher Hightower montevallo
James Horn shepherd
Colin Nimer suu
Jennifer Marks truman
Ryan Sucy umf
Dara Fillmore uwsuperior
Candice Roland umw
Jack Hylan
Julia Wood
Leah Tams