Day Two at the Archives

Yesterday Kana and I went to the Sarasota History Center as a team. Jeff LaHurd, the main historian, is still not back. Larry, the other historian, was not there yesterday either. This left us with the staff archaeologist. Because he isn’t too familiar with the historical archives, he let Kana and I explore on our own. We found boxes of complete issues of the Sarasota Times from the 1910s.

Immediately Kana and I began scanning any article from the newspapers that we found to be relevant. Just from these papers we were able to determine that, thus far, it seems like the main narrative on Sarasota’s home front was the development of the city itself. Articles celebrate the addition of roads, the city’s first golf course, and housing.

While we were scanning, the archaeologist brought us a collection of brochures advertising Sarasota. These were published by the Chamber of Commerce in 1914-5.

After two hours, Kana and I had barely finished scanning relevant articles from half of the Sarasota Times from 1916. We called it a day, leaving confident that there was much left for us to sift through.

Besides this trip, I stopped by the Historical Society of Sarasota. I asked the board whether or not they know of anyone who is related to someone who lived in Sarasota during the 1910s. They are meeting today and should get back to me soon!

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