Project Contract

Mission Statement:

 Our goal is to showcase the Sarasota community’s experiences during WWI and the Spanish Influenza. While we plan to touch upon both of these events specifically, we want to dedicate a lot of our site to broader experiences of the community during the time period. What happened in Sarasota during the Great War, and how relevant (or irrelevant) to these changes was what was happening in the international community?

Thus far we have been unable to find anything related to Sarasota during the Spanish Influenza. We have read that, historically, Florida has been a haven for those avoiding disease. In our research we have come across some references to malaria. If we find more related to that, perhaps we will include it.

Besides the information itself, a large goal of our project is to present this information in an accurate, comprehensible manner through a digital medium. We plan to maintain historical integrity while also making the site accessible to non-academics. We will use images and avoid large blocks of text, along with an appropriate theme, to make the site attractive.

The intended audience of our website are students (who are particularly interested in Sarasota history or want to look at the site as an example of a digital history project) and the those who live here.


The homepage will introduce our project with an “About” page and will display the Century America logo. The sections will be displayed at the top of the site.

These sections include:

1. The urbanization/developments of Sarasota

-Focused on information found in the Sarasota-Times along with photographs.

-Subheading including timeline

-Subheading on the role of agriculture in Sarasota

-The Oral History from Harriet Burns

-Ideally this will come with a transcription.

2. The military experience in Sarasota

-Subheading on the naval militia

-Will include discussion of the city’s role in national war efforts

-Liberty Bonds

-Red Cross service

-Display of WWI service cards from the Florida Memory site

3. Social experiences

-Transcriptions, and possible scans, of the diary kept by a young woman who lived in Sarasota during the 1910s.

-The Women’s Club

-Possible commentary related to the Women’s Club’s role in the war effort.

4. Bibliography

5. About the researchers section


For our site, we plan on using the Hemingway Rewritten theme. The layout is simple and easy to navigate. It neatly displays the different sections at the top of the page.

Because much of our story involves the development of Sarasota, a TimelineJS will be included. This timeline will chronicle the growth of the city during the 1910s. For example, when a new road was approved and when it was built.

Final Cut Pro will be used for editing the oral history component of the site.


Feb. 26: Return to the Sarasota History Center to finish taking pictures of relevant articles of the Sarasota-Times.

Feb. 28: Meet with Harriet again. Scan her photographs and copies of the diary of a young woman who lived in Sarasota during the 1910s.

March 6: Set up theme, create skeleton structure of site, start writing up some of the sections

March 15-18: Have video completed along with the transcription

Apr. 2: First version due

Apr. 22: Revised version due

Distribution of Labor:

Joy: I will make the timeline about the urbanization of the city. In order to do this, I will read all relevant articles in the Sarasota-Times. From this I will get relevant dates. I will also use the information found in these articles to describe what went into building up Sarasota.

I will similarly read the newspapers for relevant information about the narrative surrounding Sarasota’s military involvement in WWI, particularly its naval militia.

Kana: I will work on the layout of the website and edit the video. I will also focus on the women’s club and agriculture section of the site. The sources I will be using include guidebooks, newspaper articles, and secondary readings on Sarasota history.


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