End In Sight

Wow, now I see all the comments from my classmates. I wonder why they didn’t show up to approve before. Hmmm. Technology and I don’t always understand each other.

Anyway, I’m closing in on getting the rest of my material prepared to post. Thanks for all your ideas. I have been collecting the comments into a very long list to work through. I wrapped up my final research last week, but have been so busy looking at and posting on all the other blogs that I haven’t gotten to post on my own.

I will have to rework my recordings as they aren’t working quite like I hoped, but I will use a different recorder, so that should work better. I now have two wartime letters I am allowed to transcribe and I got permission to take small sections to use for images on my website! Yay! I am working through the rest of the images I’ve got, and I have a lot more work to do, but I’m getting there. I will have to rethink my vlog since the technology isn’t working out in that respect. I am planning to do some more writing to help create the context for much of the site, and I will need to rework a few of the photos that got mad at me.

It’s been so cool to see everyone’s sites and how far they’ve come. And it’s neat to see how different our sites are even though they are on a common theme. I hope to have a lot more done on my site by Thursday. We’ll see how things go. :)

One thought on “End In Sight

  1. Sometimes the comments won’t show up until you have manually approved them! It depends on whether or not you have a moderator setting for them, though. If comments post without moderation, then you may not have gotten notifications for them or something. Yay for transcribing letters!! I love transcribing! :)

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