March 13 Update


UW-Superior Old Main Fire, March 1914

UW-Superior Old Main Fire, March 1914

What a busy week.

Lots more research, a little website drafting, a couple presentations, and the week is almost over. On Tuesday, I gave a formal presentation about Century America at my university’s Social Inquiry Conference. I spent about 15 minutes explaining this course, and used my laptop and a projector to show our course blog, my own blog, and the website. I also got to show some photos of the process – a screen shot of our video conference during class, how messy I am when I’m doing research, some of the old newspaper stories I’ve found, and photos of course catalog information from UWS.

I got lots of questions after my presentation about what audience I am creating this website for, how I consider myself to be creating history, what I thought of not being in a classroom setting with my co-students and no “real” contact with my professors, who should be considered a historian, crowdsourcing, and more. These were lots of questions I’ve been asking myself lately, and lots of things we’ve been discussing in class.

When I went down to the state capitol to present on some previous research I did on community gardens, I also got to discuss this course with a few people. I met a girl who did a bunch of research in her university archives and created a little book with 40 photos and the stories or information that made them special. The girl I talked to is the first student I have ever met (in real life) who is going for a Public History Major like me.

Here is the point my Century America UW-Superior page is at. Even though there’s not much of anything there, it is a start. I need to finish up my timeline ideas after I give a presentation today on my trip to Ghana. Then comes a new week full of website work and homework and housework and “work” work that I get to do during my Spring Break.


2 thoughts on “March 13 Update

  1. Congratulations on completing such a successful and busy week! That’s so awesome that you were able to talk about our class and how it operates – I think that you and the others have it so much harder since you’re working alone and haven’t even met the faculty members, and for that I give you so much credit! Good luck with the rest of your work, I can’t wait to see your website come together :-)

  2. Great picture, Dara! I also really like the title of your webpage, playing off the Great Lakes and the Great War. It looks like you’re making good progress!

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