The Day after This One

Tomorrow is the big day. A complete draft of my website is due. While I am still attempting to finalize a few permissions, my site seems to be coming together. I think that the narrative is coming through a little better with the additions I’ve done, and about 97% of my images and other materials are visible on the site. Thanks to the constant discussion on changing menus, I am happy to proclaim that my menu is no longer alphabetical! I finally figured out what my classmates and professors have been talking about.

I’ve asked a few people to look at it and tell me what they think. It helps to have people from the “outside” look at my site because I’ve looked at it so much I can’t see the issues anymore. They have given me some advice and have noticed problems I can’t see no matter how hard I stare at each page. I will be having a few more people look at it before I can’t make any more changes, just because more eyes are better than less.

I still need to decide about a couple more audiovisual opportunities for my site, but other than that, I’m getting super close to the finish line. I never considered creating a website before. This is crazy. And cool.


One thought on “The Day after This One

  1. Yay, I’m glad you finally figured out the menus! It is always really difficult to explain things without actually sitting beside someone and showing them what to do. It definitely helps to have as many eyes as possible on your website! I showed mine to a couple friends who thought it was super cool, but pointed out simple things like alignment or menu order that I hadn’t even thought twice about. As they say, the more the merrier!

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