Thoughts on my Website

As far as plans for my website, I feel that it will be more of a digital narrative historical journey than a digital archive. I don’t feel I will have the time to collect enough data and documents to make a comprehensive archive. That being said, I want to show many sides of the community and have a good deal of stuff for people to look through.

I hope to use a timeline as part of my site, and have been considering the use of a map to add more information in a way that might attract people better than lots of pages of stuff. I would like to make an introduction page to my site, and then have a historical but pleasant theme throughout. This site should be searchable and somewhat self-explanatory (intuitive). Rather than having links 17 deep, I’d like to have a number of links on a page, but have summaries and stories and photos to make it more appealing than something strictly archival.

As far as the over site, it would be nice to have a page that links to each of ours and in some way explains just a bit about each school – enough to explain what you’d find after clicking on the link. That way the sites will be connected and the whole topic will be covered as far as what this class did. I don’t know if we want to do bios or not.

Going forward, will these sites be editable and changeable beyond the end of the semester? If we find something else will we be able to add it in?



The sources I plan to include thus far are:

Local News-

Ashland, Superior, Duluth

Stories on the school, the war, the shipyards, interesting local happenings,  war money-related articles, propaganda



Memos/ bulletins

Gitche Gumee Student News

Photos of the campus, the fire in Old Main, graduates

Topics on the war effort



List of local men enlisted

List of local men who were KIA or MIA

Photos of the area, shipyards, war-related


St. Paul News-

Influenza news

Reports of influenza cases

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on my Website

  1. Hey, Dara! I really like what you’ve brainstormed about so far, and it looks like you’ve got some really awesome resources for your site. Many of your sources look similar to the ones that those of us at Mary Washington have discovered, so I guess that means we’re all on the right track! We are also thinking about making our site more visual and interactive rather than strictly archival, and I think what you have proposed regarding summaries and images rather than excessive numbers of links is really smart, since you’re thinking of how the viewers will be able to navigate your site. Best of luck, I can’t wait to hear more about your experience as we start to create our sites!

    • Thanks for your comment. It does seem that though all our colleges differ in their history, we will have many similarities to all of our websites.

      It will be interesting to try to balance the archival info with the more public-friendly historical information – photos, stories, summaries and histories – that will (hopefully) draw people with a nominal interest in local history to these sites to learn more and become excited about it. :)

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