UW-Superior Practice (Rough) Timeline

Wow, this timeline was interesting to work on and challenging, to say the least. I’m still having trouble getting images to publish correctly, so I will need work on this idea more – I would like to use the timeline feature on my website. It is more interactive than just giving summaries and histories. But, I can see I will need to learn more about this one. What are people doing to get media input into the timeline? My attempts keep having strange errors and not showing up.

2 thoughts on “UW-Superior Practice (Rough) Timeline

  1. The image file has to be hosted online (so there needs to be a link on the internet for the file only). For most pictures, you can right-click on them and there will be an option to “Copy Image URL,” and that will give you the file for just the media, without the surrounding web page. Hope this helps! :) I had a bit of trouble with mine, too, because some links were expired and so the content wasn’t actually available at that address anymore.

  2. I think where the image is located online makes a difference. We might talk as a class about creating a shared location that we might keep copies of the images we will be using.

    In the meantime, the timeline itself looks like a great start.

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