Website Preparation Questions

My research has been getting more exciting as I dig a little deeper into what is available. There are so many avenues and angles I can work on learning about. I’m having a little trouble setting up times to meet with archivists because of their unavailability, but there is a lot I have done online as well. I plan to go and look through some microfiche local newspapers this week, along with doing more online research. So much to do! But it’s so fascinating.

I’ve been thinking about the many ways I could set up my website, and a few questions come to mind. We have the site set up that will house the Century America digital project, but will that just be the introduction page? Will we each create our website in our own way, or will we have a common theme throughout? Is there anything that is absolutely required to be on our individual sites? I assumed I should introduce my site and its navigation, but will the whole project be introduced by the initial website? I’m curious if people have comments on these questions and other questions to share? I see that we are supposed to starting drafting our websites soon, but I’d like to have a general picture in my mind as I think it all through. I know we have a lot of freedom, but I would like to understand the parameters of that freedom so I can wrap my mind around these ideas. It’s great to have so many options!

One thought on “Website Preparation Questions

  1. Good questions…it was my assumption that we will each be creating our own, independent sites, but I could be wrong about that. It seems like an introductory Century America site with links to all of our independent projects would be the best solution, as we will each have different themes that appear in our research and thus will need different structures, functions, etc…

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