A Week of Firsts

This past week started my Century America class and my first archival work. My partner, Joe, and I experience first class jitters as we log onto the online meeting. Soon after starting the class my apartment had a power outage cutting us off from wifi and the class. Luckily we were able to get reconnected within a few minutes.  The experience of being in a class via video chat was strange because I hardly ever communicate through the computer. However, I quickly adapted and enjoyed the first week of class.

This past week, Joe and I also conducted some archival research at The Museum of North Texas and went to a WW1 flight museum at Wichita Falls Municipal Airport. At the MNTH we were met with enthusiasm and excitement about our project. Because our research is practically at ground zero, we were suggested to look into the Wichita Falls directory from 1916-1919 in order to find some leads. There we discovered the initial jobs of some of Wichita Falls leading families ( and big donors to the local University) such as the Bolin family and the Bridwell family. The directory lead us to some other possible sources of information such as the World War One Flight Museum and the General Hospital Records . Deciding to start with the Flight Museum  the following Friday we set out for the Municipal Airport. There we met a local artist name Kim Wood who is painting a mural of Call Field (a World War One flight base that was located in WF) and her partner Mark Zimmermen. Together they want to paint a historically accurate mural of  the base and as a result were very helpful in leading Joe and I in the right direction. Not only did they inform of us useful archival locations but also told us where not to go. Mr. Zimmerman show us his collection of photos he has acquired of Wichita Falls and Call Field, layouts of the base, and even a stable that still remains from Call Field. This past week was a great start and I can not wait to see where our research will lead us. Below of some images of the mural Mrs. Kim was painting based on the photos they have found of Call Field.Image No. 4Image No. 5Image No. 6