Conquering New Territory

This week was a challenge for me. With my semester starting I’ve been adjusting to a new schedule and time. I ended up dropping a class and adding another which is a lot more stressful then I thought it would be. Nonetheless, I looked forward to completing the newest assignment which was to make a Google Maps. At first, I had a mini panic attack because I had no idea how to make a Google Maps and the knowledge of the site was limited to searching for the nearest Chipotle in Arlington. In order to better understand the site I googled how to make a google maps (thank the Lord Almighty for Google!) and found very helpful step by step instructions. The process was fun and as I plugged in important locations in Wichita Falls and added layers and layers of information I began feeling like someone from the Geek Squad at Best Buy. I really liked the bird’s eye visual of all the important locations at the time. Joe and I have been researching and visiting all the sites but never really thought about the locations in relation to one another. I placed in our Google Maps old locations that do not exist anymore as well as newer ones such as where we live and MWSU.  I really enjoyed this assignment and think my map will have a place on our website as soon as I update the site and add some other features.

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