Field Work and Sushi

Joseph and I headed out the other day to do some field work. Previously discussed was three locations we were going to hit to film some videos, take some pictures, and start gathering some materials for our website and timeline.
The first place we recorded was at Lake Wichita. This was the location of Wichita Falls night life during World War One along with the first recorded case of the Spanish Flu. We had to climb this giant dirt hill in order to get a clear view of the lake. The dirt hill felt like a mile high hike! But we eventually made it up to the top. The Wichita Falls Lake is pretty dry, here in the Falls we have been in a five year drought. However, this is historically accurate because during the Great War Wichita Falls was experiencing historic droughts as well. The lake is almost the exact same water level today as in back during the 1910s. After recording the videos Joe took some picture which are visible on his blog. We then almost died descending the hill but got our leg workouts in for the year.
The second location was at the last remaining building from the air base Call Field. The building was in the back of a day care. Joe and I were given permission to video out by the building. In order to get outside however, we had to walk by a bunch of sleeping toddlers. The building was used as a stable while in use at Call Field. Every other building around the stable has been torn down and the materials were used to create other things. Call Field is currently the location of several neighborhoods and stores.
The last place we recorded was at the location where the entrance of Call Field would have been. Currently the location is the site of many businesses include a local sushi restaurant know as Wasabi. After recording our videos Joe and I decided to go an grab some sushi for lunch. This was my first experience at fieldwork and it did not disappoint!

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