Figuring Out the Details

After class on Friday, Joe and I made some necessary decisions in regards to our future website. The first thing we both agreed upon was that our website needed to have a navigation bar on every page of our site. This will avoid the hassle of constantly pushing the back button. We also decided that our main page will have several topics across the navigation bar that include: Call Field, Spanish Flu, Map, Time Line, Famous Families (of Wichita Falls), Oil Boom, and Bloopers. Because Joe and I are writing an academic paper for several conferences and we discussed possibly placing a link to the paper along with a list of names of the cities we went to.
We also decided to go back to the archives before class on Wednesday and get information and resources to start putting our paper together. Because the community has met us with such enthusiasm, almost all the resources we could ever think of is available to us. Joe recently received access to all the newspapers and articles during that era along with access to certain special collection resources. I am being to see this project take form and I am so excited to start putting all the pieces together.

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