Hanger Six

Laura and I visited the Museum of North Texas, which serves as the Wichita County archive. The archivists were helpful by suggesting possible research materials and providing space to study the documents. The city directories proved to be valuable sources in starting the research. Within our time allotment, Laura and I outlined several research opportunities to explore later. We were not aware that Wichita Falls once had several different newspapers and three hospitals. Wichita Falls also produced ten percent of the total wheat crop of Texas and possessed what was thought to be the largest natural gas reserve in the United States. These facts will help us better investigate the historical documents and contextualize the information. The archivists also granted Laura and me the freedom to utilize their facility free of charge, Tuesdays through Thursdays.

On January 16, Laura and I visited the new airplane exhibit at the Wichita Falls Municipal Airport. This display contains a World War One Jenny airplane that was once stationed at the Call Field Air Force Base. A local artist, Kim Ward, who was working on the mural, introduced us to her associate, John W. Zimmerman. Zimmerman conducted the visual research for the artists to recreate the authentic appearance of Call Field. He shared his research discoveries and accumulated knowledge of Wichita Falls to Laura and me. The art team had geographically pinpointed the location of the base and the various buildings. I was surprised to learn that my parent’s house is located on what was known as Hanger Six. Zimmerman also shared the contacts that he had acquired while conducting his investigation and the primary sources that he used. Laura and I were very fortunate to meet this art team.

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