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The Moffett Library contains few sources regarding the history of Wichita Falls during World War One. The collection only contains documents from the Call Field Air Force Base. Primary sources include editions from The Call Field Engineer, The Call Field Stabilizer, and assorted military correspondence detailing The Orders and Letters Received during the Erection of Call Field. Both The Call Field Engineer and The Call Field Stabilizer were monthly publications that addressed news stories and technical issues regarding aircraft and equipment. These publications also displayed the literary talent of the base personal through writing and poetry contests. Such works can be used to analyze the cultural characteristics of both Wichita Falls and the greater war effort. The military correspondence documents letters between base personal, The Department of War, and contractors. The source contains bills of sale, inventory manifests, and negotiations regarding equipment. Although unexciting, these letters provide insight into the inner workings of Call Field and may inspire further research.

The special collections also included two secondary materials. The History of Wichita Falls by Jonnie Morgan was published in 1931 and provides a sketch of Wichita Falls history including Call Field. The book was published by a local publisher, Nortex, which has been absorbed into the Wild Horse Media Group. The source should be used with caution. Morgan’s book contains a limited biography and was published by a press that specialized in business and organizational material. The proximity between the publication date of 1931 and the designated research parameters also presents issues regarding possible historical partiality. However, the book contains photographs of Wichita Falls through the World War One era and may lead to further research endeavors. The Moffett Library also possessed a published master’s thesis by Clint Leland Smith titled Call Aviation Field. The source may once again provide further insight into Call Field. However, due to time constraints I was not able to access this document. My next visit to the MSU special collections and archives will include a more thorough examination of Smith’s work.


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