Reporting For Duty: Call Field Command

Laura and I have been developing the Google Map feature for our website. Thankfully, Laura is technologically inclined which made the process much easier. I helped plot historical points of significant value. Laura discovered a ruler tool to more accurately measure the distance between locations. We encountered several learning curves such as learning how to save our progress. Laura and I overcame these obstacles. In addition to the maps, I took photos of the where the central command of Call Field Air Force Base was once located.



Above: The building houses the Tran star Ambulance Service along with a law firm and an engineering firm. During the operation of the airfield, this location served as the central command for the Call Field. The original building was torn down.
CallFieldRoadAbove: This street (now named “Call Field Road”) served as the central road through the airfield. Central Command was located to the left.

Hanger RowAbove: This photo was taken in front of the Trans Ambulance building facing Call Field Road. This residential area, identified by property records, is called University Park Boulevard. I am still searching when it was built however, based on conversations with archivists the neighborhood was likely built during the late 1940s and early 1950s. During the years of Call Field, the area along the road was occupied by the base’s airplane hangers.

Historical MarkerAbove: When facing the Trans Star Ambulance building, this historical marker is located to the left. (I apologize for the bad quality, I was not aware of the glare until later – I will replace this photo with a better version) The maker provides a brief overview of Call Field and the role Call Field served as a training facility for American pilots.

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