Making Progress: Scans, Contracts, and Permissions-to-Publish

This week, I focused on gearing up for the creation of my Century America site. I met with the university’s photographer on Tuesday, and I selected a number of “modern” images of Montevallo to use on the overarching website. Most of the images that I sent were of buildings, which I know we were trying to avoid, but I think the images that I selected are the ones that are most representative of the University of Montevallo. I also met with Mr. Heatherly, Montevallo’s archivist, and selected an image of Main Hall to be used as the WWI-era “representative” image of the Alabama Girls’ Technical Institute. Permissions for the use of all of these materials have been obtained in writing.

Mr. Heatherly also provided me with my first batch of scans, which included presidential papers, administrative files, a Food Conservation Bulletin, freight records, and newspaper clippings from 1914, 1916, and 1918. I had initially tweeted that there were over 70 items in this batch, but the number is actually closer to 120. I am very lucky that Montevallo has a wonderful archivist and library student workers because they are making the process move very quickly for me. I have submitted a scan request for the portions of the A.G.T.I. yearbooks that I would like to use in the project, and I am in the process of doing the same for the bulletins, academic catalogs, and newspapers from 1917, 1920, and 1921. Mr. Heatherly also put me in touch with the Alabama Department of Archives and History. I am currently working on submitting the permissions forms necessary to publish images and documents from the WWI Gold Star Database. I’m very excited that the project is moving forward!