Roadmap for Century America Website Completion

I have spent some time this week thinking about how to reasonably complete the work I have remaining for my Century America website. All that I really lack at this point are the “A.G.T.I. at the Eve of the War,” “A.G.T.I. in Wartime,” and “Spanish Influenza and the End of the War” pages. I will have all of these completed by Friday of this week, as I have to present the website at the COPLAC Southeastern conference on Saturday. Beyond that, I plan to incorporate audio segments into my “Voices” page. I had originally intended to construct a timeline for my website, but I have yet to see how this would fit into my website and not provide redundant information. My senior thesis is demanding a lot of time right now, but I am trying to put as much work into my website as I possibly can. I would appreciate any feedback or recommendations that anyone may have for my website!

Here is my proposed schedule laid out a little more clearly:

    • Friday, April 11: All of my Century America website pages will be finished (in terms of text and images)
    • Monday, April 14: Any timelines I plan to include will be placed on the website
    • Monday, April 21: I will have all of the “Voices” audio placed online
    • Thursday, April 24: All recommendations and corrections will be complete; website completed