Spring Break, or the Troubles of Remaining Motivated in the Snow

My progress update is coming somewhat late this week because I haven’t had regular Internet access as I’ve been traveling. I am on spring break this week, and I am currently in Columbus, Ohio, which is about 40 degrees colder than where I live in Alabama. I’m having a lot of fun, but I’m having to remind myself to stay focused on the Century America project, too. Last Thursday and Friday, I spent a little time in the Annie Crawford Milner Archives and Special Collections looking through some presidential papers. On Friday morning, I re-scanned several of the items that I want to place on my website. Since then, I have been correcting additional crooked scans on my laptop, which takes some time away from actually working on my website. I feel as if I have fallen somewhat behind, but I am trying hard to stay on top of things while moving around. The main obstacle in my path right now is a paper I have to submit to the Phi Alpha Theta Regionals by Friday, but as soon as that is finished, I will be 100% back on board with Century America. I will be in Atlanta on Friday and Saturday, so I hope I will have more time to work this weekend. I did not really account for travel plans in my Century America “schedule of deadlines,” but I will persevere regardless!