Advertising the Site and Cool Roles in the Project

Speaking for myself I can say I am actually excited about advertising the website. I believe it will be fun to see the site grow as we work hard trying to establish and audience and gain their attention. We plan on extensively using social media such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. We also plan on contacting a few news outlets including the Free-Lance Star and the schools multiple outlets. Additionally, we are going to take a more traditional approach by possibly handing out flyers and placing posters around Fredericksburg and the UMW campus. Hopefully these tactics will eventually increase our site views when it comes time to actually market the site.

My main role will be researching various themes, widgets, and plugins for the site that maybe useful for the project. Additionally, with the historical research already performed I will be in charge of the Eastburn diaries and some of the material found at the Library of Virginia. The Eastburn diaries will be contingent on the permission of the CRHC. However, if we are unable to scan and actually use a digital copy of the material hopefully we will be able to include certain dates in a basic timeline without the scans.

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