Eastburn Diaries: Life in Fredericksburg, Va 1916-1917 Timeline

This timeline consist of the Eastburn family diaries. The diaries include global and local events. Eventually I would like to make a timeline from all the diaries, which include 1914 to 1917. I really like this timeline template. It’s very useful because its simplicity and it is easy to embed into a webpage or post. I think we will be able to use this template or some other timeline plug-in for the project. We have already kicked around a few ideas. We already have planned to make a massive timeline for the whole project, but we can use this timeline template for smaller periods of time or specific areas.

2 thoughts on “Eastburn Diaries: Life in Fredericksburg, Va 1916-1917 Timeline”

    1. I think it depends on what CMS everyone is using. I think most are going to use WordPress so Timeline.JS would probably work best for the massive. Mainly because everyone could have access to it in google drive.

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