Various Helpful WordPress Plugins

Ok so you guys asked for some good plugins that can help with your project, so I put some together that we are using here at UMW. Additionally, after going through these plugins, if there is additional help you need just DM me on twitter or email me.

1. Disable Comments

Disable Comments is probably one of the most useful plugins we are currently using for our site. It disables all comment fields on your website, so no one can comment. Disabling the comments section on your site will help prevent spam and clean up the aesthetics of your project. One downside to this plugin is that you disable comments. People will no longer be able to comment on your project and you cannot selectively choose where comments are disabled.

2. Easy Image Gallery

Easy Image Gallery is great way to put your images into a gallery and customize it. You can put the gallery in the middle of the text box for a page and can be easily changed. However, if you wish to link images within that gallery you will need another plugin. If you do want to link the images in your gallery then you will need to install the WP Gallery Custom Links plugin.

3. WordPress Page Widgets

If you want to put different sidebar widgets on different pages this is the plugin for you. It allows you to customize the content in each widget on your pages and allows you to choose which pages get a widget. If you need help setting this plugin contact me because it can be a little tricky, but it is definitely helpful.

4. All in One Favicon

If you want to place a favicon for your project in the browser tab All in One Favicon will allow you to do that. However, many themes already come with a feature that allows you use favicons, but if it doesn’t, install this plugin. If you want to use the CA favicon just contact me and I can walk you through the process and I will give you the image.

5. JetpackĀ 

Jetpack is a simple plugin that comes with many features and if you have not installed this plugin yet, then you need to. Check it out with the link I provided because there is just so much you can actually do with this plugin that there is too much to explain. This is the ultimate all in one free plugin.

Again if you are having issues please feel free to contact me either on twitter of through email. I am more than willing to help because some this plugins maybe difficult for some to set up.

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