Month: February 2015

Is there a window open?

My research has been put on ice.  I should say, my research at the local archive has been delayed, twice, but I have been very active in exploring the local newspapers from the comfort of my apartment.  This has allowed me to develop a working plan for my side of the website.  I will provide five tabs, each focusing on… Read more →

Progress Report

Here is a very basic account of what I have so far. There is more, but some are simply single photographs, and I don’t want to spoil the surprise (because I’m a jerk?). It will be worth the wait. Primary Sources: Pack Memorial Library: -Orah Ramsey Photograph Collection -Edith Vanderbilt Collection -“Pamphlets and Brochures relating to World War I in… Read more →

My Online Harvest

I was able, this weekend, to jump head-first into primary research.  I simply used the years themselves as search terms while on my local library’s online resource page here.  Starting with 1914, I sifted through collections, many, which did not have a strong connection to the purpose of this class.  However, I was able to create a timeline, using these abstracts… Read more →