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The irony is killing me..

I have finished my newspaper archive search, as well as the editing involved in presenting the clippings in their various collections.  My search concluded with some interesting ‘flu’ material, that I have been researching, while sick in my apartment.  I take no delight in the coincidence.  But the evidence of the impact of the influenza outbreak in Asheville is intriguing.… Read more →

Is there a window open?

My research has been put on ice.  I should say, my research at the local archive has been delayed, twice, but I have been very active in exploring the local newspapers from the comfort of my apartment.  This has allowed me to develop a working plan for my side of the website.  I will provide five tabs, each focusing on… Read more →

Progress Report

Here is a very basic account of what I have so far. There is more, but some are simply single photographs, and I don’t want to spoil the surprise (because I’m a jerk?). It will be worth the wait. Primary Sources: Pack Memorial Library: -Orah Ramsey Photograph Collection -Edith Vanderbilt Collection -“Pamphlets and Brochures relating to World War I in… Read more →

My Online Harvest

I was able, this weekend, to jump head-first into primary research.  I simply used the years themselves as search terms while on my local library’s online resource page here.  Starting with 1914, I sifted through collections, many, which did not have a strong connection to the purpose of this class.  However, I was able to create a timeline, using these abstracts… Read more →

Death-defying research!

My girlfriend and I drove around frosty Asheville on Saturday morning, coffees in hands, past some of the older areas of town, and stopped at Overlook Castle.  The house was built by Fred Seely, Jr., who in 1912 worked with Edwin Wiley Grove to build the Grove Park Inn, here in Asheville, North Carolina.  Conversely, the castle at Overlook was… Read more →

Site Seeing…

    “Valley of the Shadow” Pros: Homepage is simple: allows users to distill information without feeling overwhelmed, virtual blueprint helps create spatial familiarity, simplicity of design to access well-employed empirical data Cons: Statistics could benefit from highlighting of important information, it seems slightly anti-Southern, almost no interaction (Hospitality?) Takeaways: It feels like walking through a cold, dusty house.  … Read more →

And they’re off..

Hello, world. I am the ‘colleague.’  Ashley did a great job explaining what we have done towards the project so far.  I will echo her thoughts on Gene, our school’s archivist.  He and Colin in the UNCA Special Collections couldn’t be more accommodating and eager to provide support with our research.  I can see a network starting to take shape:… Read more →