Progress Report

Here is a very basic account of what I have so far. There is more, but some are simply single photographs, and I don’t want to spoil the surprise (because I’m a jerk?). It will be worth the wait.

Primary Sources:

Pack Memorial Library:
-Orah Ramsey Photograph Collection
-Edith Vanderbilt Collection
-“Pamphlets and Brochures relating to World War I in Buncombe County”
-Correspondence letters between a local (Florence Helen Boyd Bynum) and her husband (Curtis Bynum), fighting in Europe
-Eliza Woodfin Hollard Underwood’s scrapbook
-WWI officer, Brookshire collection
-National League for Women’s Service records/photographs
-Francis Churchill Bourne photograph collection
-WWI officer, Ervin Rogers Bean collection
-Carrier papers
-Records/photographs of the “Grand Chapter of the North Carolina Order of the Eastern Star”: a women’s auxiliary group of the Freemasons
-The Roberts Collection
-Photographs of the Young Men’s Institute
-Correspondence to Flanders, Belgium (Madelon “Glory” Belknap Battle Hancock & Doctor Samuel Westray Battle)
-“Famous Visitors”
-”Liberty Bond Drive Papers” (Edwin Brown, President of “Brown Book Company” in Asheville to Joseph G. Brown, Chairman of the Liberty Loan Committee for NC)
-Bingham Military School Collection
-Coral Newman Hood Collection
-Edwin Grove and Albert Carrier correspondence (32 letters, 6 telegrams)
-Tourism brochures collection
-Henry Westall collection

Tuesday morning, Ashley and I are heading to the “North Carolina Room” located within Pack Memorial Library, in downtown Asheville. As she mentioned in her post, I did a decent amount of research regarding which collections pertain to our mission. I recorded a brief description and call number for each entry and divided them between myself and Ashley, according to our area of focus. Just the example photographs I found online are enough to justify the use of this collection, and we haven’t even gotten our hands into the files yet. It is going to be a productive effort.

UNCA Special Collections:
-“Grove Park Inn Photographic Collection”
-“L.C. Le Compte Postcard Collection (1910-1977)”
-“Edgar M. Lyda Collection (1873-1956)”
-“General Hugh Hester Photographic Collection”

My colleague has had more time in the Special Collections at UNC Asheville. I am planning on spending some time there once I’ve wrapped up my work downtown. I’m sure Gene and Colin will expand my list beyond the four I have above.

-Middlemount Flower Shop scrapbook
-local woman who is daughter of former mayor of Asheville (claims she can grease some gears for us)

Again, Ashley has mentioned that we are dividing the site between the two ‘sides’ of Asheville we see that lived side-by-side, during The Great War. It seems that for every Grove, Vanderbilt, or Carrier, there were a hundred ‘folks’ propping them up, keeping them comfortable. And thats what our community was during the first part of the 20th century: a comfort zone for the rich and privileged, an escape to the “Land of the Sky.”

I have spoken briefly with our Media Design Lab Manager, Sasha, and he (and a couple bystanders) is very interested in assisting me with the creation/adaptation of an interactive map, with which we can provide the experience Ashley has already mentioned.

And now for something completely different:

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