The irony is killing me..

I have finished my newspaper archive search, as well as the editing involved in presenting the clippings in their various collections.  My search concluded with some interesting ‘flu’ material, that I have been researching, while sick in my apartment.  I take no delight in the coincidence.  But the evidence of the impact of the influenza outbreak in Asheville is intriguing.  Much of it resides in ads (many disguised as ‘Notices’ and using official language) and not in editorial articles.  There are scattered articles, written here in Buncombe County about the local epidemic.  But what I found somewhat disturbing is the mention of the depth of the problem here in Asheville is not found in local sources, but outside the city in newspapers from Wilmington and Charlotte.  I wonder if this is suppression of information or simply an ignorance to the problem.

I have also started writing biographical narratives on some of the key ‘players’ (I will come up with a better name) in Asheville during the Great War.  Their names will come up in many areas of the website, allowing crossover research.

Its crunch time and I’m feeling the teeth.

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