Getting back on track


It’s been an exceptionally difficult semester thus far, but complaining won’t do me any good. I’ve been visiting the SCHS lately to finish going through all of the boxes they have on the various crop yields during the war, and it’s all coming together fairly nicely. Five organizations in particular will be the focus of my responsibilities on the site.

1) Stevens County Farm Bureau Association. Primary documents such as pamphlets, newsletters, bulletins, as well as yield data for the seasonal harvest will be my main concerns.

2) Non-Partisan League activities will be covered. This includes efforts to modernize grain equipment so as to maximize wheat yield for the war effort.

3) United States Food Administration policies and subsequent implementation by community members. These will include nationwide pamphlets that were distributed to Steven’s County residents to, once again, maximize efficiency when it came to producing wheat.

4) Resources from the War Garden Commission. Multiple groups formed in response for the need of dried and canned food.

5) Voices of the Great War section. This section will be devoted to the documents produced by residents within Stevens County during WWI. Thus far these will include, but are not limited to, diary entries, newspaper collage clippings, and profiles on prominent members within the community.


I’m extremely excited about putting together the site. There’s still a lot to do, but I feel like once we get rolling it’ll all come together rather quickly. Moreover, I’m particularly excited about trying to implement a few features that I’ve come across in my search for grad schools.


The link comes from Brian Sarnacki’s blog. Sarnacki is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln specializing in digital humanities and urban history.


More to come tomorrow! Stay tuned, folks.

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