The Beginning

After a brief herculean struggle with WordPress, I have become competent enough to trust myself with my first post.  

While I feel more than a little in over my head, this project is tremendously exciting.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about “Digital History” (should have read the fine print on the call for nominations).  I refuse to own an E-Reader because I believe that tangible, paper books are the foundation of civilization.  Half the time, I am upset when my professors do not want a hard copy of my papers.  I like museums with objects and little plaques of information — I own a typewriter.*

Despite all of this, I am proud to proclaim, as much as a blog can let me proclaim, I am genuinely excited about this project!  Digital History, though I still would prefer to be published in a hard copy, is a great challenge for myself.  I am buried by a mountain of available sources, and that is thrilling and wonderfully daunting.  Not only this, but Truman lacks a good Progressive Era history professor.  This project lets me explore the period I love in a completely new way.

The individuals I have encountered in my preliminary research have been incredibly helpful and eager to share their wealth of knowledge and resources.  (Plus something in the water of Kirksville makes everyone almost uncomfortably nice.)

This is looking like quite the historical adventure!

*My 1948 Smith-Corona typewriter is fantastic and is the one used in my photographs.

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