On Being the Digitizer

My projects the last week or so have been pretty large in scale.

My Truman library had a really interesting scrapbook of newspaper clippings, as well as a photo album of Kirksville goings-on in this time period.  My new friend Aaron the Digitization Man and I worked for several hours photographing these pages.  I have found several different programs that will allow me to combine them into a digital book.  That way, visitors to my site can page through the album and scrapbook like I did in the library.  It will never be the same, but it’s pretty darn close.  I have all of these photographs converted into jpegs, so now I must photoshop everything into fairly uniform shapes so they will read nicely.

Additionally, I have been working on editing all of my photos of the Earl Stahl collection so they have smaller borders and are more accurately colored.  Pixlr.com has become my new best friend.  It is like free photoshop online.

Courtesy of Craig Randall Bowers, Earl L. Stahl's grandson.

Courtesy of Craig Randall Bowers, Earl L. Stahl’s grandson.


Earl L. Stahl's dog tags

Earl L. Stahl’s dog tags

Finally, I spent the Friday afternoon of Spring Break going through WWI letters at the library.  The collection was significantly larger than I expected, and I got through a little less than half in two hours.  They contain some really good stuff.  I am particularly fond of the letters to professors from former students.  I read nearly every letter and kept track of ones I want to digitize later.  As soon as I finish going through them all, Aaron the Digitization Man and I will hopefully photograph those, and some draft records (depending on contents) for my web page.

3 thoughts on “On Being the Digitizer

  1. Sounds like you are making some great progress! Doesn’t it feel good to digitize stuff and get it closer to being website-worthy? It takes so much time, but I know I really enjoy the whole process – except when I can’t figure things out. But I can usually get help and keep going. Glad you have a “digitization man” to help you out! I’m sure that makes digitizing smoother.

  2. I can’t wait to hear more about the letters- especially the ones to professors from former students. Sounds like a sweet find. I love that you have some physical objects like the dog tags, too- I think that’ll add some visual interest to your site in the end.

  3. Congrats on your wonderful progress! It looks like you have some great images to use for your site. And that online editor you found sounds amazing – I think I might look into it if I need a little help (although luckily Jack and Candice are good at photoshop). But I think it’s awesome that you were able to discover such a helpful site to do the digitization on your own. I can’t wait until the rest of us can view your site and see it all come together!

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