The Midnight Oil

Tonight is my last super-late-cramming session for the Century America project.  It feels really weird, because this time tomorrow, I will be more or less finished with this project.  And I am not sure I enjoy that feeling.  I really came to enjoy this course and especially the people in it.

Turns out I should have friended Leah Tams way sooner on Facebook.  She’s awesome and gives the best pep talks when I realize that my blogging frequency was pretty sad.  What can I say, computers are hard and blogging makes me feel like an angst-ridden tween.

I’m finalizing my presentation for tomorrow, and it feels like the end.  It also feels like I am really nervous for a Skype presentation.  I am half afraid one of my roommates is going to wander around behind me while I ramble on about World War I letters. But on a more positive side, I only have to dress formally from the waist up!  No one will know that I will be wearing sweat pants on my legs and professional attire up top!  Except now I have told everyone.  Drat.

For the first time, I feel compelled to fix a project after I’ve turned it in.  At night, I lay in bed remembering the little details I left out of my page and I am so tempted to just get up and fix them.  However, the bosses told me not to change anything, so I have resisted.

Here’s to gearing up for the presentations tomorrow!

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