WordPress is Hard

WordPress makes me feel inept.  Although today I managed to make pages inside pages and a menu.  I had to switch my theme, but I think I like the new one much better.  I’ve gone through several Gallery plugins to find one that works for my website, and I’m still on the struggle bus with the whole plugin system.  But I have faith in my abilities to click until something eventually works!

Nevertheless, finally having something to show online for my work feels nice.  I know there is a lot more to do, but I work the best under a tight deadline!

As of 1:49 am on March 27th, 2014, I have created a gallery on WordPress.  It took several hours, but I finally made it work!

2 thoughts on “WordPress is Hard

  1. A little progress makes lots of enthusiasm. I know that sometimes I spend hours working on one stupid little thing for my website. I get stressed that I’m not working on other things. But when that one little thing works out, I’m ready to try harder. Keep up the good work!

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