Killing Two Birds with One Stone

So I’ve been thinking.  Dangerous thing, thinking.

Since I’m doing the rural side of life in my neck of the woods and several of my family members are current or former Norfolk Southern (Railroad) employees, I’m thinking it would be good to include some information in the site about NS.

Last night whilst ruminating on the subject, I came across the Teamsters Labor Union, which is one of the many unions available to NS employees, and found that they have an office in downtown Asheville.  I’m thinking I may have to give them a call and make a pit stop there soon.

I stopped by Special Collections at my home campus library again today and made it into some of the old local papers.  Talk about a treasure trove of primary source material!  Holy cow!  It was fantastic.  I found some of the most awesome information, old ads from the Great War time period, bits and pieces of articles from the day, and low and behold, a full page of photographs of troops from Asheville with an accompanying article.  Jackpot!

I was so excited that I dragged both Gene and Colin from their desks to show them my find, and they graciously came and looked at the material (something they probably already knew was there, but they did indulge my childlike excitement with praise nonetheless).  I’m already indebted to them both.

I made a list of the primary source finds in Special Collections and since I’d devoted almost my entire study period today to the work for this class, I figured I might as well keep the ball rolling, so I just completed my first timeline.  I’m going to try and copy and paste the link here on the blog, and I don’t know how it will look at first, but I thought I’d give posting it a shot.

I did my timeline on a two week span last summer when I visited Scotland and where I went each day.  Basic and simple, but I think it filled the requirement of playing around with the technology to see what I could do with it.

Incidentally, I had a blog for my Scotland trip last summer, and if anyone’s interested in taking a look at it and my Scotland photos, you can access it via

Without further ado (and I hope this works- fingers crossed), here’s my timeline (I think).

On second review of this post, it looks like it’s only the link.  I was hoping for it to show the actual timeline itself, and maybe I’ll find out later that there is a way to embed the picture of the timeline into my blog instead of just the link.


    1. Thanks Joy! Scotland was the trip of a lifetime. I was homesick while I was there, so I didn’t really appreciate it until I got back home. Now I want to go back there!


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