Origin of a Website

So I’ve been on Spring Break this week.  Although, it’s not really been much of a Spring Break.  I’ve worked on two 10+ page research papers, a 30 minute PPT presentation on wetland restoration, attempted to work on some Latin homework (this was the least successful of my endeavors), spent one day in Pack Library and one day in the UNCA Archives collection finishing up, worked on index cards for my next History test, and I just finished uploading all my images for the website into Google Drive.  I found a lot of great images at both the Library and the Archives, and I’m already beginning to formulate some narratives to go along with them.  The week has flown by and I still have a lot to do for the website as well as my other classes to get through to the end of the semester.

I’ve already started playing around with the home page on the website, and have uploaded a background image and given it a title, and I’m excited to get some more things up on it this week.  Stay tuned!



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