Site Refinement

After finishing Over Here (and before starting the exorbitant amount of homework I have in my other classes), I started thinking about the layout of our planned site again.  I’ve refined my idea a bit, and even though I have it written in my notes, I’d like to add a short blurb about it here as well.

After mulling over what Leah had said, I realized that I want to be careful not to make the overall scope and arrangement of the website so initially difficult that it would take a professional web designer to put it all together.

So on that vein, here is my new idea.  After the home page, where you can choose which “side” to enter- either Urban or Rural- you will have an “additional” home page on the Rural side.  I’d like to have a black and white background, perhaps a map layout of the outer reaches of the county???  Something to that effect, and in front of the background photo just a simple type of menu- not sure yet if I’d like tabs, or something else- but headings for things like Laborers, Prohibition Roots, the Flood, the Railroad, Churches, and Farms.

Once you clicked on each of those, you would get a new page with another menu, again, not sure of the exact layout, still contemplating that one, but it would then have clickable headings for Newspaper Articles, Ledgers/Records, Diaries/Letters/Journals, Maps, and Photographs.  In the background perhaps a 4-way split screen of black and white photos of a rural family farm, a picture of workers in the city, a WWI soldier from the area, and a picture of maybe the Railroad.

Once you clicked on these headings, you would then get the primary and secondary source material, along with explanations if you so wanted it.

This is just my thoughts so far on the project.  I think this is a bit of a better idea for my side of the website, compared to my initial, rather complicated one.

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