For those of you who have been helping me figure out the issue with my pictures, thank you so much; I finally got the issue sorted out.

I use Google Chrome as my web browser, and I chose to install a pop-up blocker to make my internet browsing less annoying. Turns out, the pop-up blocker prevented me from posting pictures to my website. I turned it off, and behold!

My next question is this: is my picture too big? Would it be better smaller? Let me know what you think and I’ll format my pictures based on the feedback.

Website Update: What to do Next

I felt like my showing at last week’s conference was weak.  My website still has some incomplete sections and the format wasn’t up to date with my desires. That’s going to change though.

Today I reformatted the website to get rid of the left side bar with the outdated “Site Section.” Now each page’s text content has been centered on the website. I may look into increasing the font size to make it more readable, as well as insert indents for the paragraphs.  That’s a maybe: I’ll see if it is ultimately necessary.

I talked to Professor Orihel of SUU about my website and she said she’s willing to help out with editing it: I’ll have her read it over and correct any errors in my citations, as well as grammar and spelling mistakes. It’s nice to have another individual on board for the editing process.

I’m in the process of finishing up two web site sections: “Women and the B.A.C.”  and “Veterans of World War I.” I have enough research for both of them complete, now I just need to get them on the website. Once that is done, next weekend I will set about creating the glossary and formalize the bibliography . My last addition will be the “About” page, which I may just put on the site’s landing page so people will see it.  I will have hyperlinks created where they need to be and start uploading and including pictures. I should have this done as I will complete my senior thesis over this next week and therefore not have to dedicate time on it. That will be a relief on my shoulders.

It’s crunch time.


March 31st: Website Update

It’s been a little too long since I’ve updated this blog! I’ve been focused on getting the school website as polished as I can before the rough draft is due. On top of that, I have my senior thesis to work on and a final project to work on for my Spanish class. This month is going to be painful, but I’m looking forward to enjoying the fruits of my labor!


My vlog below shows off how my website is coming along. Take a few minutes and give me some feedback on what you see!


Citations on our Website


I am having a difficult time finding a way to use Chicago style citations on my website. I’ve been browsing some plug-ins to try and set up an automated system, but the plug-ins are too complex for me to figure out and I haven’t found any clarifications on how to use them.

So my question to you guys is has anyone figured out a method to employing Chicago style citations on your web page? I’d appreciate the help and I’m sure other students would as well.

The Vlog Strikes Again: A Review of B.A.C.’s “The Student”

I’m once again using another vlog to update my research progress. In this video I show how I’ve documented the “The Student,” a pamphlet produced by BAC students during the early years of the school. I also share my ideas for how to utilize the documents for my website.

Also, if anyone is interested in using this software, comment here and I will immediately create a “how to” video to set up and use the software, as well as for how to upload it to Youtube.


I look forward to seeing all of next Thursday!

Digital Resources SUU Offers Me and Using Videos for Our Projects

So for this week’s research update, I’m doing something special: I’m actually presenting a vlog! I decided to do this because of our conversation today about using videos in our project, and I figured I would make the first step in a possible pioneering of video technology for our site. Here’s hoping something productive comes out of this!

Please note that I’ve used my personal Youtube channel for this particular video: should we choose to pursue this approach, I would use a new account specifically for this course OR create a shared youtube channel for all of us to use.

Edit: Here’s a link to the software I used to record my computer screen. It’s completely free and reliable. If anyone is interested in it, go ahead and message me and I’ll upload a tutorial on how to use it since it requires some set up.

Perfection is stagnat: imperfection is growing