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This section is where Colin Nimer updated his research for the 2014 Century America Project which COPLAC hosted. You’ll find recollections of resources found and used in this section.

March 31st: Website Update

It’s been a little too long since I’ve updated this blog! I’ve been focused on getting the school website as polished as I can before the rough draft is due. On top of that, I have my senior thesis to work on and a final project to work on for my Spanish class. This month is going to be painful, but I’m looking forward to enjoying the fruits of my labor!


My vlog below shows off how my website is coming along. Take a few minutes and give me some feedback on what you see!


Citations on our Website


I am having a difficult time finding a way to use Chicago style citations on my website. I’ve been browsing some plug-ins to try and set up an automated system, but the plug-ins are too complex for me to figure out and I haven’t found any clarifications on how to use them.

So my question to you guys is has anyone figured out a method to employing Chicago style citations on your web page? I’d appreciate the help and I’m sure other students would as well.

The Vlog Strikes Again: A Review of B.A.C.’s “The Student”

I’m once again using another vlog to update my research progress. In this video I show how I’ve documented the “The Student,” a pamphlet produced by BAC students during the early years of the school. I also share my ideas for how to utilize the documents for my website.

Also, if anyone is interested in using this software, comment here and I will immediately create a “how to” video to set up and use the software, as well as for how to upload it to Youtube.


I look forward to seeing all of next Thursday!

Digital Resources SUU Offers Me and Using Videos for Our Projects

So for this week’s research update, I’m doing something special: I’m actually presenting a vlog! I decided to do this because of our conversation today about using videos in our project, and I figured I would make the first step in a possible pioneering of video technology for our site. Here’s hoping something productive comes out of this!

Please note that I’ve used my personal Youtube channel for this particular video: should we choose to pursue this approach, I would use a new account specifically for this course OR create a shared youtube channel for all of us to use.

Edit: Here’s a link to the software I used to record my computer screen. It’s completely free and reliable. If anyone is interested in it, go ahead and message me and I’ll upload a tutorial on how to use it since it requires some set up.

Southern Utah University’s Special Collections

On January 17th I went into the special collections center of SUU’s campus library and spent the most enthralling hour I’ve had in a while reading through old parchments of the University. I asked for anything SUU had created or what was documented in the years 1914 to 1919, and the archivist went to the back to pull out whatever she could find. I was first greeted with old yearbooks, a good starting point to see into the student body of SUU back in the day. The archivist pulled out more and more documents, and I was satisfied with what was given: pamphlets written by the students which revealed a distrust of a new principal, of The Board of Trustees 1913 to 1918, which detailed the allotted budget SUU was given, hundreds of scans of old Iron County Newspapers, some with stories regarding the university, and course catalogs, one produced by Roy F. Homer, the new principal I mentioned earlier. In addition, SUU has photos from throughout the universities existence; as I walked in they had a digital display of photos from WWII. I did not ask to see any pictures from our research period, but I did see pictures in the documents I purveyed over.

One thing of the most interest was the fact SUU existed back then as the Branch Agricultural College: a satellite school of the U, the archivist told me. This leads me to plan a visit to the U’s archive and see what information they have on the BAC.

I was given two great secondary sources to use: first was Anne O. Leavitt’s SUU: A Heritage History, which was a thick, well written history of SUU throughout its existence, and it was filled with documentation, citations to other resources, and pictures. This book will be invaluable in my research.

The second resource was former SUU president and Cedar City mayor Gerald R. Sherrat’s book “History of the College of Southern Utah 1897 to 1947.” The discovery that a former president was a historian, lived locally in cedar still, published a book on the university, AND “enjoyed talking about his research” (librarians words), has given me a wealth of information that I will try and exploit for my purposes. Looks like I need to review my interviewing skills.

With my light scan of materials, the direction of my research has become clearer: the war had little impact on the university’s attendance as few people already attended it, and it seemed not to disrupt the local community too often. However, during the time period of our research, the BAC was beginning to make some small changes towards becoming their own university, like adding more courses, and undertaking their own renovation projects. Perhaps the story of SUU during WWI isn’t a story of a college struggling with its student body being drafted into war, but that of a satellite university wanting to grow into its own.

A trip to the public library for more secondary sources is in order: I ran out of time to do so this weekend and the library is closed for the holiday. Regardless, the hour I spent in SUU’s special collections has foreshadowed more enjoyment for me.