Documenting My Education Briefly: A Practice with Timeline Creation.

Being raised with a computer wizard as a mother, I’ve become familiar a with different kinds of software, including the Microsoft Office series. The fact this timeline feature is a variation of the Microsoft Excel software, I found it familiar and easy to figure out. I’ve always had issues with Excel, simply because my strength lies more with word and excel’s interface is overwhelming to me. However, I am capable of working through it and I did the same in this case. Everything was self explanatory. I would prefer if I was allowed to upload the media directly to the timeline rather than having to link a URL, but that won’t be an issue for me as I know how to upload all kinds of documents to the internet. 

Not going to lie, It took me a moment to figure out how to get the spreadsheet to appear in the timeline format (I did not review the video from the session I missed before doing this because I was eager to get on the sites and see how they worked for myself.) I did it quickly to get the feel for the software, and now that it’s there, I’ll practice some creativity. Looking at how this can apply to my project, I could document certain events, like which presidents were in charge of the school, faculty who worked there, and chronicle their time at SUU in this format.

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