Digital Resources SUU Offers Me and Using Videos for Our Projects

So for this week’s research update, I’m doing something special: I’m actually presenting a vlog! I decided to do this because of our conversation today about using videos in our project, and I figured I would make the first step in a possible pioneering of video technology for our site. Here’s hoping something productive comes out of this!

Please note that I’ve used my personal Youtube channel for this particular video: should we choose to pursue this approach, I would use a new account specifically for this course OR create a shared youtube channel for all of us to use.

Edit: Here’s a link to the software I used to record my computer screen. It’s completely free and reliable. If anyone is interested in it, go ahead and message me and I’ll upload a tutorial on how to use it since it requires some set up.

5 thoughts on “Digital Resources SUU Offers Me and Using Videos for Our Projects”

  1. Colin, this demonstration is terrific. Should give at least some of your colleagues in the class another useful tool.

  2. Colin, this is so cool! I love how you’ve demonstrated the software and combined it into a vlog–personally, I prefer getting these more personal progress reports instead of having to just read everything, and it would definitely be valuable for visual learners who want to know how all of the elements of this class happened. All of these resources that you’ve found seem very cool, especially the searchable newspapers! Ours are made searchable via Google, but I wish they were on a separate site. As per your idea about interviews, we have actually also considered interviewing some local historians to see what they think, but it depends on how much time we have to do that. If you can find the time, I think it would be a really cool element to include on your site!

  3. I think this may be a useful tool for all of us. Trying to engage an audience can be a challenge when using primarily written material. Videos of us explaining the process or creating our sites, showing the process of archival work, creating photo slideshows from WWI or the present, and interviewing ourselves about overall thoughts on the project would be fun and might get people to think through this idea better than if we only use written form. I’m adding this to my growing list of elements to consider as I work to create my website. Thanks for showing us how it works!

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