The Vlog Strikes Again: A Review of B.A.C.’s “The Student”

I’m once again using another vlog to update my research progress. In this video I show how I’ve documented the “The Student,” a pamphlet produced by BAC students during the early years of the school. I also share my ideas for how to utilize the documents for my website.

Also, if anyone is interested in using this software, comment here and I will immediately create a “how to” video to set up and use the software, as well as for how to upload it to Youtube.


I look forward to seeing all of next Thursday!

3 thoughts on “The Vlog Strikes Again: A Review of B.A.C.’s “The Student””

  1. Thanks for another great demo Colin. I hope some of your colleagues take you up on your offer. The Student looks like an ideal source for you as well.

  2. Hey, I would be interested in using this software to incorporate videography into my website. I think there is potential for it to create a more interactive website. If you don’t get a chance to create a how-to, I can also attempt to use the software and send a few questions your way if I get lost. Happy contract writing!

  3. Our academic catalogues are very similar to the ones you have! We are also creating a Resources page for anyone interested in our research, but it’s just going to list main institutions and collections, instead of having images/files to pull from. The student pamphlets are really cool too–I love the “Loyal, did you say?” paragraph that you talk about. I wonder if there’s any particular reason why they put such a strong emphasis on the school’s loyalty? Were there accusation of disloyalty or anything? It looks like you’ve found some excellent sources for the content of your site.

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