For those of you who have been helping me figure out the issue with my pictures, thank you so much; I finally got the issue sorted out.

I use Google Chrome as my web browser, and I chose to install a pop-up blocker to make my internet browsing less annoying. Turns out, the pop-up blocker prevented me from posting pictures to my website. I turned it off, and behold!

My next question is this: is my picture too big? Would it be better smaller? Let me know what you think and I’ll format my pictures based on the feedback.

3 thoughts on “Success!”

  1. Personally, unless it’s a gallery, I think photos here and there to break up text should be large. They gather more interest that way (IMHO). With galleries, using smaller thumbnails and 3 or 4 photos to a line can show that there is a lot of neat material and people can just pick and choose the photos that interest them most to click on for a larger, higher quality images.

  2. Congratulations on figuring out your photo issue, and I like the size of the photo. Are the names of these veterans listed on the memorial? If so, will you be posting a list of names or other information on any of the veterans on this page? The title of this page leads the viewer to believe that will be happening.

  3. Yay, I’m glad you figured out that it was a pop-up issue! :) I think the size is good the way it is–I definitely wouldn’t make it bigger. I would only make it smaller if you were going to add a lot more text to the page. Otherwise I think it’s perfect!

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