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I felt like my showing at last week’s conference was weak.  My website still has some incomplete sections and the format wasn’t up to date with my desires. That’s going to change though.

Today I reformatted the website to get rid of the left side bar with the outdated “Site Section.” Now each page’s text content has been centered on the website. I may look into increasing the font size to make it more readable, as well as insert indents for the paragraphs.  That’s a maybe: I’ll see if it is ultimately necessary.

I talked to Professor Orihel of SUU about my website and she said she’s willing to help out with editing it: I’ll have her read it over and correct any errors in my citations, as well as grammar and spelling mistakes. It’s nice to have another individual on board for the editing process.

I’m in the process of finishing up two web site sections: “Women and the B.A.C.”  and “Veterans of World War I.” I have enough research for both of them complete, now I just need to get them on the website. Once that is done, next weekend I will set about creating the glossary and formalize the bibliography . My last addition will be the “About” page, which I may just put on the site’s landing page so people will see it.  I will have hyperlinks created where they need to be and start uploading and including pictures. I should have this done as I will complete my senior thesis over this next week and therefore not have to dedicate time on it. That will be a relief on my shoulders.

It’s crunch time.


4 thoughts on “Website Update: What to do Next”

  1. I definitely like the look of your website without the sidebar. The landing page for your site is a nice introduction to the project, and I like that you also include a timeline on it to give visitors context. I definitely agree that you should change the font size to make the site more readable–you can do that easily by editing the CSS (I can help with that if you don’t know how).

    Right now your website is very text-heavy, so I think the images that you plan on uploading will definitely make it more inviting to visitors and also really help illustrate that narrative that you are telling.

    The “Story of Cedar City and the BAC” sections that you have are great! They are so informative and tell a comprehensive story of your school and the surrounding community during the war. Besides the pictures you’ll be adding, I think that this section would really benefit from having navigation links to the other pages within one section, so that visitors don’t have to keep going to the drop-down menu. So, for example, the “1914-1918: WAR” page would have links somewhere allowing navigation back to the previous “1914-1916: The BAC’s And Cedar City’s Growth” page as well as to the subsequent “1918-1919: The Flu” page. I think the nav links would help create a more fluid narrative for you.

    I also really like how you have additional sections on your site to cover themes, like “Women and the BAC.” Voices of the Great War looks good! I am curious about what the Glossary is going to be? Is it going to function as an index?

    That’s really great that a professor has offered to help you edit your website! I always find another set of eyes really helps me catch errors and awkward sections in my writing that seem normal to me. This may just be me, but I think your website could benefit from a bit more color (perhaps your images will help with that). I think some of your nav links need to be shortened: for example, the “Welcome to Century America Southern Utah University” could just be shortened to “Welcome” and its purpose would still remain clear. One last comment–the header image for your website looks very stretched and pixellated on my laptop. Is there another image of it that you can use (one whose pixel width is larger and resolution higher)?

    It’s looking great so far, Colin! I can’t wait to see your final product.

  2. It’s coming together, Colin! I know you’re still working, so please take any feedback with a grain of salt.

    The Veterans of WWI tab looks like it could use some more development, and maybe that’s still coming, but a few things: you should embed the picture or at least link to it (I know you were having difficulties with pictures…) and provide some more context for what people are looking at.

    In general, there are some pretty lengthy bodies of text. Particularly the Women and the BAC page and WAR. Any pictures you could add in would make the site a lot more exciting I think.

    Overall you’re making great progress!

    1. The Veterans of WWI page is one which needs the pictures in order to function as intended. I took photos of the memorial, but am having difficulties embeding/sharing the pictures on the web page itself.

      All of my pages will have some pictures in them in order to break up the text. My primary focus was to get all of my information down so that the hard part was done: finding the pictures and placing them in the page (after I figure out how to do so in my case) will be the easy part.

      Thank you for your feedback! I’m glad that other people are having the same ideas I am; it’s validating.

  3. I think your site is coming along. The structure looks pretty well set up. It’s theme is very calm, which promotes better reader focus. I really like the readings on video showing the actual objects. That’s great. One comment on the recordings – in the first video, you say “Dear Glade-eez,” which I think would usually be said “Glad-iss” (-iss rhyming with miss).

    Adding photos (whenever that gets figured out – good luck) will add to the narrative greatly. Adding a more descriptive title will help people understand what they have clicked on, and maybe explaining the banner or using a different photo will help clear up any confusion that people have about what the building is.

    Great work!

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