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COPLAC Contract for James Horn
Project Site:


The mission of is to bring an understanding of what Shepherd University and the surrounding community was like and how it was impacted during the years of the First World War to the Shepherd University students, alumni, and community.  The site will begin with a welcome/about page that informs the visitor as to what the Century America project is and how the site fits along with the project. Furthermore the mission statement of the site will be on the front page for all visitors to understand its purpose.  From this homepage the visitor will be able to navigate the site to the various sections of information which will include the four overarching sections of the school, community, spanish flu, and an honor wall of those who served.  Further more there will be additional pages of sources and about the author.

The site will include many common elements with the other Century America Project participants. One such element will be a common logo which will be the main picture on the homepage and at least a corner photo on each page after that. Also a “Voices of the Great War” segment will be included in which recordings of letters, poems, and newspaper articles will be played for the visitor. The honor wall will fulfill the common element of having a list of those from the college who served in the war and for those who died an obituary will be included. Each soldier will have information on them, even if it is just what regiment they served in, included in this section. Due to limited information, women’s role in the war will be included in a small section under the overarching section of the school.



The site will be using the WordPress theme of 2014 which has been chosen due to its simplicity and color scheme which brings out a feeling of almost being a historical black and white image, yet the layout creates modern appeal for the internet users.  The site will also include a timeline feature of the following events (dates will be included once available):

  • Building of Miller Hall (first girls dormitory)

  • Building of the Rumsey monument (prominent monument in town to the first successful steamboat launch)

  • Date in which Farmers were excused from classes in order to provide food to the war effort

  • Date in which William Clayton Myers left for service (the first student to do so)

  • The two week span in which Shepherd College closed due to Spanish Flu

The timeline tool to be used will be the Spreadsheet Mapper. Picture editing on the site will be basic, at most being cropping, so all editing will be done on Microsoft paint. For the “Voices of the Great War” section, there will be a video created on Windows Movie Maker.


Dates of Completion:

Monday, March 3: Skeleton site complete.

Thursday, March 6: I will have completed the homepage of the website and sent representative images to Jack for the over arching site.

Friday, March 14: I will have completed the draft of the site timeline and important dates/images will be sent to the University of Mary Washington students.

Monday, March 17: I will have completed the list of those who served.

Thursday, March 20: I will have gotten information in regarding regiments and action reports of those who served.

Monday, March 24: I will have completed the Spanish Flu section of the website.

Thursday, March 27: I will have completed the community section of the website.

Tuesday, April 1:I will have completed the School section of the website.

Wednesday, April 2: Initial version of “Voices of the Great War” will be uploaded.

Thursday, April 3: The first version of the site will be completed and running.

Thursday, April 17: Polished version of “Voices of the Great War” project will be uploaded.

Thursday, April 24: A revised version of the website will be completed.


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