Building the Map

I was a little nervous about the Google map feature as opposed to the timeline that we were assigned to work with this week. However, my partner and I agreed to do one map and one timeline so that we as a group had experience with both. Once I got to playing around with Google maps I started to see how I could use it for our individual sites. I don’t have all of the relevant information for the town during this period so I kind of just went with what I imagined would be important centres: the university, obviously, the hospital when the Spanish influenza hit, city hall, the railroad and so on. I tried to upload a historical picture of the university at this time which I found on a quick Google search however, in relation to this week’s readings, I was not able to upload it due to copyright issues. The map overall is still pretty basic but, with more information we can hopefully provide many more places of interest. I can envision what this map could look like from this rough draft! Also, I have gained a little bit of confidence with the program.
Summer Roasting

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