Digital History Sites: the Good, Bad, and Okay

Due to some CHAOS regarding my internet connection this past week, this blog is a bit late.

Looking at the Digital History sites listed I found aspects I want to incorporate as well as ones to stray far away from. Firstly, as many of you mentioned last class, the Gilded Age Murder site was by far my favorite. I really appreciated the layout, the overlay of both interesting images and easily read texts. The content was very well organized and easy to sift through. This site had a very professional, and therefore credible, feel to it!

The Valley of the Shadow site was another Digital History site I found enjoyable to search. While different in layout to the Gilded Age Murder site, the simplicity of the Valley of the Shadow site served the same function of easy navigation and access to valuable content. The organization of the “room” format really brought a sense of interaction between the viewer and the information. This site offered another, equally yet different, way to go about this project. For me, it boils down to organizing your content so that the audience can access, navigate, and enjoy the site.

One site that I struggled with was the Emancipation Project. I felt like it too had valuable information to offer but, I was quite bored by the entire layout. I didn’t think that the type of text or colour one uses could have such an impact but it does! I thought it needed something to jazz it up a bit. In addition, I had technical difficulty loading the maps, leading to one of the key goals highlighted in the readings: accessibility. I plan to pay attention to these minor but significant flaws for our own site. Needless to say extra care pertaining to the details of a site goes a long way!

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