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Hi again,

This past week has been a little bit of a chaotic stretch for me. I’ve recently switched jobs which entailed moving out of town which then brought internet connection issues…

Aside from that the research has continued along. James and I are wrapping up the final issues of the Camrose Canadian newspapers (we plan to meet in the middle of the 1916 issues). So far the newspapers have been our most helpful source as they are full of advertisements for volunteers and contributions to the war effort, published letters from the soldiers on the front, as well as information pertaining to the other categories we wish to cover.

Unfortunately we have come up short in some of the routes we recently tried. The St. Mary’s Hospital records turned up nothing significant for James and the Camrose Centennial Museum is closed for the winter season. Regardless we have all of our images digitized aside from a few newspaper ads, but all of the copyright issues have been cleared!

This upcoming week we plan to construct the skeleton of our website and as Dr. McClurken mentioned in class today, hopefully this will help organize the vast amount of information we have gathered from the local newspapers into manageable categories for website pages.

Best of luck to everyone!

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